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Why Promotional Merchandise Still Has a Place in Your Marketing Mix

The start of a new year is upon us and, for many business owners, it’s the perfect time to reassess current marketing strategies and objectives by looking at why promotional merchandise still has a place in your marketing mix. The last 12 months have been pretty rocky ones. Certainly in economic terms. This is largely due to the ongoing turbulent nature of political events such as Brexit and the imminent UK election.

So, 2020 is a good opportunity to take stock of your marketing plans for the year. It’s also a chance to learn how to maximise the value of promotional products.

Branded merchandise is a highly effective marketing tool, as it can be produced at very competitive prices. Additionally, it has the potential to substantially increase both reach and exposure.

This guide to the power of branded merchandise will explain why you should be investing in promotional mugs, cups, and other items. 

Everybody Loves a Freebie

Why Promotional Merchandise Still Has a Place in Your Marketing Mix
Printed Fridge Magnets

The simplest way to use promotional items is as freebies and giveaways. Customers love getting something for nothing. So, if you can produce these perks affordably, you’ll make back the expense in brand exposure in no time.

You’re, literally putting a reminder of your company in the hands of your target audience. Try to focus on objects that have a long shelf life so that their impact is naturally extended. 

Gifts Lead To Loyalty

Alternatively, you could make your branded items part of a loyalty scheme. For instance, lots of companies offer promotional mugs as ‘free’ gifts if a customer buys a certain product or makes a specific number of purchases. This encourages interaction with the brand and shows people that you really do value their time and investment.

Practicality Is a Commodity

The best thing about branded merchandise is that the right items can end up having a very long shelf life. Just think about themed calendars. They cost next to nothing to print, but they hang around in kitchens for a whole year.

The same can be said of promotional mugs, pens, mouse mats and coasters. If a branded item is practical, it will naturally find a place within the home. Once there, it is a constant reminder of your company.

The Personal Touch Rules

In-Car Phone Holder
In-Car Phone Holder (PP-XQ42)

Another reason why promotional merchandise still has a place in your marketing mix is that it only takes a little extra care to personalise promotional merchandise.

For example, if your target market is made up of baby boomers, a branded iPhone sock isn’t going to cut the mustard.

You’re better off sticking with something classic like a mug, fridge magnet, or branded phone accessories. Think carefully about value and suitability, because your customers will notice.

It Supports Direct Contact

Don’t forget that promotional merchandise can be a great way to boost the impact of face-to-face interaction. At trade shows, open house events, and workshops, you can use branded products to increase awareness of the company. Handing out branded items is an easy way to ensure that the value of marketing events doesn’t just stop when visitors leave. 

Planning Ahead for a Successful Marketing Strategy in 2020

The earlier you start planning your marketing strategy for 2020, the easier it will be to hit the ground running in the New Year. You’ll be ready to meet the needs of your customers and all of your promotional items will be ready to go.

Spring is a great time for giveaways, loyalty schemes, and branded bonuses, so keep your target market interested with high-quality merchandise.

So it’s clear to see why promotional merchandise still has a place in your marketing mix. Why not make a start now and take a look at what we can do for you?