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Stress Awareness Week 2019

Stress Awareness Week 2019 is taking place this week. Founded by the International Stress Management Association, the week is designed to highlight the common causes of stress and even highlight to people that they may be suffering with stress without even realising.

Stress Awareness Week 2019
Many people suffer from the effects of stress in the workplace

This week also included the Stress Awareness Day on Wednesday. The mental health charity Mind are particularly looking at employers to create a stress awareness space in the workplace.

Start conversations about stress during Stress Awareness Week 2019

The idea is to start conversations in the workplace about stress, the causes, and how best to deal with it. The intention is for staff to share their thoughts and feelings when they are feeling stressed.

With the fast pace of life these days, stress can creep up on you and take you down without you even realising it. It can causes all kinds of complications such as sickness, tiredness and even long-term health problems such as heart disease and stroke.

By lending an ear or sharing your own feelings, the effects of stress in the workplace can be lessened. This, therefore, creates a happier working environment for all concerned.

Products to combat the effects of stress

Here at Stupid Tuesday, we have a range of printed stress products to help combat stress in the workplace. Stress-relievers have always been a popular product in our industry, none more so than the stress ball.

Mop Topper Phone Stand - A great stress reliever
Mop Topper Phone Stand (PP-GF27)

Stress products are a fun way of helping to dealing with a serious issue. They’re one of the most popular desk items. People can keep them on their desk throughout the year to squeeze to their heart’s content when stressful situation arise, not just during Stress Awareness Week 2019.

Over time, as technology has improved, the range has expanded beyond just stress balls. The printed stress products section of our website features the most popular twelve items in the range.

However, our range is not just restricted to these twelve items. If you can’t see what you’re looking for, just ask!

Stress Hashtag
Stress Hashtag (PP-GF30)

One of the most modern additions to the range combines several products into one. The Mop Topper Phone Stand combined a standard logobug, a phone stand and screen cleaner and a stress product all into one!

In a similar vein, the Pop-i Screen Cleaner does all of the same jobs outlined above and is available in a range of colours. The Stress Hashtag is another useful product as it also doubles as a cable tidy!

Beyond these suggestions, there’s a number of shaped stress items to suit your industry or theme. Examples of these include the Stress House, the Stress Van and the Stress Heart.

The latter is particularly popular with health bodies and charities when promoting health awareness. When better to do this than during Stress Awareness Week 2019?

Stress products really are a great gift to give to either customers or colleagues. They’re something people will always appreciate, keep and use to combat stress. As it’s a desk item, it also acts as a constant reminder of your brand.

Remember – don’t suffer in silence. If you feel stress is affecting you and your health is suffering, make sure you talk about it. Trust in a close friend or work colleague and start on the path to dealing with the issue.