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Rainbow Promotional Products: Proving Popular

The use of rainbow images has become commonplace across the UK and indeed the World in recent times. They represent a symbol of hope in the fight against the global Coronavirus pandemic. As a result, Rainbow promotional products are proving very popular.

Here at Stupid Tuesday we’ve been busy developing a section of rainbow-themed promotional products. Many of these products have, almost by chance, appeared in our new catalogue, which was released on 1st June. However, we’ve also added further to the range on our website to give even more choice.

We’ve put together a range of 25 stunning products that help promote a rainbow theme. It could be to promote a message of togetherness and hope in these difficult times. Also, the rainbow theme is used throughout the year at LGBT and gay pride events.

A whole spectrum of reasons to choose rainbow promotional products

They’re often used by nurseries and children’s organisations. There’s plenty reasons to look at rainbow themed promotional products. We think our range has a great variety of products to suit any such event. We believe this is why our rainbow promotional products have proven so popular.

From bags to pens to lanyards, we’ve covered a lot of bases as far as giveaways are concerned. There’s even Yoyos and toothbrushes! Our Charity Campaign Ribbons allow you to print a rainbow onto the ribbon and even the backing card as well.

Dazzled by our rainbow glasses

We have to say our favourite rainbow item is the Sun Ray Rainbow Sunglasses. We thoroughly expect this to be a popular item this summer. If nothing else, they’re unique and help you stand out from a crowd. After all, that’s the aim, right?

Don’t let our range of 25 rainbow promotional products restrict your thinking. We can actually print a rainbow onto any full colour item in our entire range. Look out for any product whose product code ends with the letter ‘F’.

Furthermore, if you can’t find what you’re looking, just ask!