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Price Drop on Hand Sanitising Stations

As the UK starts to get back to work, we’ve had a timely price drop on hand sanitising stations. All workplaces need to adapt to the “new normal” and hand sanitising station will play a big part of that.

Prices for our automatic hand sanitiser stations in particular have dropped. These stations are ideal as no one needs to touch them to dispense sanitiser. This, therefore, eliminates the risks of people touching the dispenser.

Stocks and Availability Also Improved

Availability of the automatic hand sanitiser stations has also improved. A few weeks ago they were out of stock as soon as they came back in. We’ve now got significant numbers of these available. They can also be despatched in as little as five working days, branded with your details.

In addition to the Counter-top version, we’ve also got a Wall-mounted Hand Sanitiser Dispenser. These are ideal for the wall as customers and staff enter your premises.

If you really want to make a statement then why not look at our Floor Standing Automatic Hand Sanitising Stations? There’s even an extra wide version, both of which can be branded with your logo and safety message.

Create your own sanitiser stations

The price drop on hand sanitiser stations doesn’t end there. You could even create your own stand-out sanitising station and add your own supply of sanitiser. These have also dropped in price and are particularly useful at the start of a shift.

Hand Sanitiser Stations
Hand Sanitiser Station

You could staff the station to ensure everyone entering the premises sanitises their hands before entering. There’s no better way of making sure your business complies with the new regulations.

Although these items don’t come with hand sanitiser, we can help there, too. We’ve got a range of different sizes of bottles available. Simply add these to your quote request when requesting price information.

If you’d like more details or would like a quotation or a free pdf proof showing how yours would look, please email sales@stupidtuesday.co.uk. Or you can call us on 01437 781978. Further details can be found here.