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How do people use promotional products?

It’s a question lots of marketers tend to ask us – how do people use promotional products? When assigning a portion of your annual marketing budget to promotional items, it’s always an idea to find out.

We recently celebrated 10 years as part of the British Promotional Merchandise Association. With the help of research carried out by the BPMA we’ve got the answers. Take a look at the infographic below to find out.

How do people use promotional products?

Two thirds of those asked suggested that their main use was trade show giveaways. This tends to reflect what we have fed back to us from our own customers, many of whom exhibit at shows throughout the calendar year.

Some opt to buy promotional products “on the fly” as each event approaches. However, many choose to purchase them in bulk for use at several events.

Particularly popular are printed biscuits and chocolate. Who doesn’t love to receive something for free, especially when it’s something tasty that they can eat? Printed mints and sweets are also a bit hit if this is something you’re starting to think about.

Customer Recognition plays an important part in marketing

More than half (52%) of those surveyed suggested they use promotional products for customer recognition. Often this is just to say thank you for loyalty to a brand.

We regularly hear people saying they send promotional gifts to their customers at special dates throughout the year, such as Easter and Christmas.

When asked “how do people use promotional products?”….37% said they purchased them as sales incentives. This can be in the form of the logo on the product being a constant reminder of your brand.

Alternatively, it can be a product printed with a specific sales offering, be it a current special offer or a product range that’s being launched or promoted at the time.

Employee engagement a high priority

Just over a quarter (27%) of those asked said they purchase promotional products with employee engagement their aim. This tends to be giving employees something branded with their logo that they can use to make their role easier.

In addition, companies also tend to buy promotional products to say thank you to their employees. It’s a well-known fact that when staff feel appreciated they tend to give more to their role.

Particularly popular in these instances are promotional items that people can use. Pens, notebooks and mugs are the top three product areas when it comes to this. However, let us not forget to reward staff and colleagues for their achievements, loyalty and length of service with branded awards.

So, next time you’re asked by your colleagues or peers “how do people use promotional products?” you should have the information at your fingertips!

So why not look at promotional products to help drive efficiency and throughout from your workforce, if nothing else? If you’d like any ideas of what works best and what’s popular at the moment…just ask!