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Case Study: Dorbcrest Homes

Our client, Dorbcrest Homes, came to us with the brief of providing promotional products for their 40th anniversary. The products needed to cater for their staff at a corporate celebration evening. Additionally, they should be products that can also be passed on to future house buyers.

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The company is a long-established, prestigious house builder in the north west. Their reputation goes before them in terms of the quality of homes they build. It was vitally important that the promotional merchandise we provide reflected all of the above.

As the company wanted their anniversary to be noticeable, on each item we were tasked with creating a special anniversary logo. Our superb in-house design team created a simply stunning logo. The logo was to be used throughout the promotional items and at their corporate event.

Selecting the perfect products

On the products side, the first port of call we was the Ash Bone China mug. It’s the best quality of all of bone china mugs in our range. It’s particularly popular with our prestige client.

The mug really gives a feel of quality that you’d expect from Dorbcrest. The customer was bowled over by our visuals and this was the end result.

Two products together can compliment each other well

Next, we suggested they combine a notebook and pen that compliments their corporate colours of white and green. Our offering was the A5 White PU Notebook.

To go with it, from the range of printed pens we put forward, the senator® Point polished plastic ballpen was chosen. When printed with the company logo and anniversary branding, they are clearly the perfect match!

Products that compliment the industry

On the building theme there was the suggestion of a strong and sturdy tape measure. This would be perfect for staff and future house buyers alike. Therefore, the Ronin 5m Tape Measure was just the ticket. The version with the black trim measured up perfectly with their full colour anniversary logo printed on the side.

Everything under one umbrella

Next up, umbrellas! Dorbcrest wanted something for their sales staff to use while out on site. It needed to be compact and that can fit into a bag.

The Fare AOC Mini Umbrella is perfect for this. It features an automatic open/close function for quick opening and closing. It also has a high quality windproof system for maximum frame flexibility in stormy conditions. That’s a big plus for those on-the-road sales staff.

Best of all, it fits perfectly into just about any bag. It can easily be carried around and is light enough to hold on your wrist via the convenient elasticated strap.

The supplied cover helps keep things neat and tidy and protects the branding on the panels when not in use. We also added their anniversary logo as a decal at the end of the shaft to really finish the job in style.

A wireless charger was then chosen from our range of printed gadgets. The intention was to provide staff a way of keeping their phone charge topped up while at work. Additionally, they make a great gift for new homeowners. In the Induction Wireless Charger they had the perfect gift for this purpose.

Something to put the goodies in

Finally, what’s left? A bag to put it all in? No problem! A number of different printed bag styles and colours were suggested. Dorbcrest were particularly looking for a bag in black to really make their anniversary artwork stand out. The bag also needed to be quite strong and have a gusset.

In the end, the customer selected the Andro Shopper Bag as the perfect bag to hold all of these wonderful giveaways. With a 10cm gusset, there’s plenty of room inside for all of those goodies.

The long handles of the bag mean it can easily go over the shoulder. The large branding area on the side meant we could get the anniversary logo along with their company slogans onto the bag. Two colour print? Again, not a problem!

A delighted customer

The end result was one very happy customer who proudly gave away their branded items at their 40th anniversary event in Manchester. Their staff were absolutely delighted. Future house buyers will be delighted, too.

All the items chosen were perfect for the intended use. Furthermore, we kept to within their budget. The items will really stand the test of time….until their next big anniversary in 2029!

Case Study: Dorbcrest Homes
The completed job looked stunning in unison
The end result for Dorbcrest Homes

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